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Some addictions are actually good – take our love of beauty, not only on the level of aesthetics but also functionality, social responsibility or innovations.

In “LABEL”, we present creative, talented people who show that passion and faith in your dreams are values which we want to hold onto. We show you extraordinary, sophisticated objects because we want to live more beautiful, interesting and better lives.

Each edition of “LABEL” is a new chapter. There is no time for boredom, malaise or repetitions here. Sometimes there is an idea for the leitmotif, followed by the cover; sometimes it is the other way round. Quite frequently, under the influence of a stimulus or a stunning picture, we change everything in a few seconds. And we are happy to do that! This is because FREEDOM is the most important feature of our work. It is devoid of patterns or anything imposed; what you will find is curiosity of the world, our own decisions and our ideas coming to fruition.

„The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Steve Jobs

“LABEL” is created where ingenious people with passion and creative energy roam. We work anywhere we want. All we need is support for our backs and legs and computers connected to Wi-Fi. Sometimes, the best ideas come to our minds e.g. on a plane but our business meetings tend to be held on the ground, like for example in our Warsaw-based office.

We interact with beginners as well as iconic artists whom we have admired for years. Breathless, oftentimes emotional, we listen to stories of their experience, life and work. Many times these conversations affect not only the subjects presented in “LABEL” but also our personal decisions. To say that they inspire us is an understatement. They frequently open up a new space for us where bold ideas emerge. The differences between us and others excite our curiosity while similarities contribute to agreement.

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Walt Disney

We cooperate with people who, just like us, appreciate liberty and artistic freedom, but who are predominantly PASSIONATE about what they do. They frequently enjoy fulfilment in other areas and spaces far away from an editor’s desk. We support them in the process and enjoy their success.

>Paweł Rafa

Paweł Rafa

he either does spectacular things or does nothing at all. Creator of “LABEL” and “& LIVING” magazines. He is a creative soul, an aesthete and perfectionist, all in one. He hates compromise. This combination of traits of character proves a godsend for the magazines in which he takes care predominantly of the visual part. In his free time, he passionately explores the remotest locations in the world; the newly discovered cultures are his sources of inspiration. First and foremost, he appreciates his (also creative) freedom and independence. He is happy when other people are inspired by his work.

>Magda Świć

Magda Świć

creator of “LABEL” and “& LIVING” magazines. She comes across as a well-organised graduate of German philology and an avid fan of yoga. Magda’s external calm conceals explosive creativity. She is inspired by practically everything, most of all by Berlin. Paper is a great love of her life; she has an impressive home collection of magazines and albums. She relishes the fact that “LABEL” is flourishing and taking the world by storm.

>Zuzanna Skalska

Zuzanna Skalska

one of the most influential women in Polish design. Since the beginning of “LABEL”, she has been on top of the most important developments in the world and she shows areas worth exploring. As a world-famous analyst of trends in design, innovations and business, she shares her knowledge with us and our readers. On a daily basis, she works on her own brand 360inspiration.nl.

>Bartek Szeląg

Bartek Szeląg

he shows his passion in conversations with our clients and is willing to share his impressive knowledge of design. On top of architecture and good design, Bartek is interested in guitars and – as he puts it – plays them a little bit in leisure time. His hobbies also include all types of cars.

>Agata Mayer

Agata Mayer

this Stockholm-based artist probably knows every single photographer. She works in advertising, branding and the fashion industry; she has devised various campaigns and PR strategies for premium brands. Her works have been presented in over 30 Polish and foreign magazines. In her “LABEL” column she writes about what she knows best i.e. photography.

>Marta Mikiel

Marta Mikiel

a journalist who combines writing and other activities like charity, communication projects or sports events. Fortunately, she keeps coming back to writing. She feels most comfortable as an interviewer. She has interviewed the pantheon of stars and personalities representing very different areas and specialities, ranging from the world of art to sport, science and the economy.

>Lucyna Redo

Lucyna Redo

a biologist by education but she resigned from a job in a venerable research institute for the benefit of editorial work. She learnt to love printed magazines in her family home. Designing jewellery is her passion. Lucy is in her element meeting our clients.

>Damian Skotzke

Damian Skotzke

 runs his own design studio dealing with multi-disciplinary design. He is in charge of “LABEL’s” website. His work is his passion so – as every genuine enthusiast would do – he spends his free time also on designing, e.g. graphic forms inspired by brutalism. 

>Izabela Zięba

Izabela Zięba

likes good architecture and Italy, hates clichés, worn-out words and the adjective “designer”. In “LABEL” she works as a journalist and supports us in editorial work. In her free time, she writes books for children.

>Anna Jankowska

Anna Jankowska

journalist and photographer. She spends more than six months a year travelling and looking for beautiful spots, interesting people and intriguing subjects. She considers herself extremely lucky because she indulges her passion which is a part of her daily work. She is totally fixed on designer armchairs and chairs; as a result, seats are abundant in her home.


LABEL PUNKS is a creative company dealing with 360° marketing i.e. comprehensive marketing activities based on a holistic strategy. A part of LABEL PUNKS is a publishing house launching to the market magazines and books. There is also LABEL STUDIO working on out-of-the-box custom publishing and LABEL ART which organizes exhibitions and other artistic events. As a brand, we are extremely cohesive –our ventures simply supplement each other.
We also offer many marketing ideas to companies with which we have the pleasure to cooperate. We are open to individual needs, we are good listeners and we can take by surprise with a customised idea. Together, we can develop a creative marketing strategy, an exhibition, publish an album, take over your social media or do something totally crazy. Because we create rather than recreate. 

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IKEA has created a collection for animals Design

IKEA has created a collection for animals

Owners of cats and dogs for their pets are able to do almost anything. Animals occupy not only a special place in the hearts of the owners but also in their homes. That's why IKEA has created a special collection for dogs and cats...

Guggenheim offers over 200 free books on art for free Art

Guggenheim offers over 200 free books on art for free

It's a real treat for fans of art. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum has provided more than 200 books and art albums on its website. Absolutely free....

IKEA changes its logo Interiors

IKEA changes its logo

IKEA is one of the most well-known furniture brands in the world. Cultures are not only furniture produced by the Swedish brand, such as the Billy bookcase or the POÄNG chair, but also its identification...

Return of Moomins Lifestyle

Return of Moomins

The story of the Moomins created by Tove and Lars Jansson in Finland is considered a national good. Little Mi is recognizable almost throughout Europe. Now Moomins are returning, this time in the form of an animated series...

Alexandra Woroniecka fashion editor at Paris Vogue! Lifestyle

Alexandra Woroniecka fashion editor at Paris Vogue!

„Vogue” is one of the most prestigious titles in the world. People like Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, Carine Roitfeld and Emmanuelle Alt in the fashion world needs no introduction. Now, this group joined Alexandra Woroniecka...

The huge exhibition by Frida Kahlo is available online for free! Art

The huge exhibition by Frida Kahlo is available online for free!

Frida Kahlo is one of the most characteristic figures in the 20th century art world. The wider audience is known thanks to the cult film "Frida" with Salma Hayek in the lead role...

Moving advertisement rejected by adidas Lifestyle

Moving advertisement rejected by adidas

The young student shot advertising of adidas, which has become an online hit. Before publication he tried to contact the brand, but after sending his video did not get any response. Do adidas missed the best advertising in its history....

New IKEA 2018 catalog Design

New IKEA 2018 catalog

Many of us have a catalog of the Swedish brand at home, and the biggest fans of the brand have been waiting for it for months. See what IKEA will offer us in the new season...

A washing machine that will iron and fold your laundry Lifestyle

A washing machine that will iron and fold your laundry

Washing clothes is the whole process. First wash the laundry, then pack into the washing machine and select the appropriate measures. Then hang the laundry, leave to dry, collect, iron and put in a suitable place for the closet. And if it was easier...

Arka of Konieczny best home of the world according to the magazine Wallpaper *! Architecture

Arka of Konieczny best home of the world according to the magazine Wallpaper *!

Studio of Robert Konieczny begins year in a good way. Recently, the building of Centre of Dialogue Przełomy was awarded the title of "World Building of the Year 2016", now appreciated was another realization of the architect...

Pantone colors for spring-summer 2019 Design

Pantone colors for spring-summer 2019

Pantone is one of the most popular brands dealing in colors. Pantone color choices always arouse great interest, not only in the world of design and fashion. See what color palette will be fashionable according to the American institute for spring-summer 2019...

Role reversal Lifestyle

Role reversal

Advertisements from the first half of the twentieth century, although they have a lot of charm and retro-charm, can sometimes be shocking. It can not be denied that the position of women has changed significantly since then - which would make some of them nowadays certainly be considered...

If the famous logo was designed by artists Design

If the famous logo was designed by artists

Logo is very important, in the end for many brands is a hallmark for tens or even hundreds of years! What would a McDonald's without the famous "M", then Starbucks without its siren...

Erotic climbing wall Design

Erotic climbing wall

If you think that wall climbing aesthetic is nothing, you must absolutely see this erotic a climbing wall...

Curves among Zara Lifestyle

Curves among Zara

The latest campaign of the Spanish brand would encourage to „love your curves.” On the posters illustrate this slogan there are...

The new Netflix series for fans of design Lifestyle

The new Netflix series for fans of design

"House of cards", "Black Mirror", "Narcos" is one of the most popular production of platform. Is the series "Abstract: The art of design" repeat their success...

We know the color of the Pantone 2018 year! Design

We know the color of the Pantone 2018 year!

The choice of the color of the year by the Pantone Institute always raises a lot of controversy. Some colors are received with great enthusiasm, like last year's Greenery, others arouse controversy as the famous Marsala. What will raise our hearts in 2018...

IKEA jokes about the new Mac Pro from Apple Design

IKEA jokes about the new Mac Pro from Apple

IKEA is known for its unusual campaigns promoting products of the Swedish brand. Their authors are not afraid to put on controversy (as in the case of advertising with a hidden pregnancy test), acrimoniousness towards other brands (famous inductive charging, which IKEA set against Apple) or a...

IKEA advises how to recognize the original Design

IKEA advises how to recognize the original

We recently wrote about the bag from the new Balenciaga collection which resembles the famous FRAKTA bag from IKEA. The Swedish network responded in a funny way...

Banksys work self-destructed Art

Banksys work self-destructed

Banksy once again mocked the world of sumptuous auctions and respectable collectors. During the auction at the New York branch of Sotheby, just after the auction for over a million dollars, the picture was self-destructed...

35 square meters Interiors

35 square meters

Designing a small apartment so that it looks bright and airy is a big challenge. In the end, such a small space is easy to clutter with different equipment. In this small apartment it was decided to take quite radical steps to accommodate all the furniture. Look...

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